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May 09, 2007


Kashif Shaikh: Greening Sacred Spaced Representative

Assalamua’aikum Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

I humbly request your attendance with myself and other dynamic speakers at below timely, informative, and solution filled session at 33rd ISNA Canada Annual Convention in Ottawa(

Are Canadian Muslims going green? Facing the environmental challenge.
In the Islamic worldview, human beings are God's vicegerents on Earth. They do not enjoy absolute autonomy, but have been entrusted with the Guardianship of the Earth. The Islamic tradition is rich in references to questions as fundamental as the protection of the environment, animal rights and the definition of human responsibility. Today, the environmental challenge has become a major concern for many Canadians. Is this simply another fashionable political issue-or are we witnessing the birth of a new awareness? This session will explore the important role that Muslims can play in working with their fellow-citizens in creating a lasting guardianship over our planet so they can remain true to their green identity.

Bilal Kuspinar, Stephen Hazell, Kashif Shaikh

Maliha Chisti
Room E


Kashif Shaikh: Kashif Shaikh is a Greater Toronto Area Representative of 'Faith & the Common Good.' This National Interfaith organization partners with Faith communities across Canada towards spiritual and practical opportunities for becoming Greener. Through the Greening Sacred Spaces program, FCG provides direction and funding for conservation, and becoming better caretakers of the Earth initiatives. He writes articles on Environmental topics, and regularly guest lectures to Islamic, Interfaith, and Church groups. He is currently upgrading his University education with training as an Energy Auditor for Homes and Faith buildings.

Ps. I am helping coordinate car pooling from Toronto to Ottawa, please contact me to travel with great people and save lots of money. Tel: 416-840-6397

Kashif Shaikh
Toronto Representative - Greening Sacred Spaces
Faith & the Common Good
tel: 416-840-6397 fax: 416-978-7821

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